ART 2017 – Information for Artists

ART 2017 show and sale Sept.25th – Oct. 7th 2017

Deep River Library Arts Committee (LAC)

Information for Exhibiting Artists

Hours of ART 2017

  • Opening reception 7 – 9 pm. Monday Sept. 25th.

Artists / families/friends and members of the public are invited to attend.

  • Exhibit will remain open all regular library hours from Tuesday Sept. 26th – Saturday Oct. 7th.

Who may exhibit their Artwork?

  • All artists amateur and professional
  • NOTE: artwork should be original and produced without assistance from an instructor and not previously exhibited by LAC.
  • LAC reserves the right to reject work due to space limitations. Preference is given to early entries.

How many categories or pieces of artwork may be exhibited by an artist?

  • Artists may enter more than one category.
  • A maximum of 3 pieces of artwork per artist may be exhibited.

Preparation of artwork for exhibiting

  • Artwork should be solidly assembled and provided with any custom made mounts, supports, or cases needed for display.
  • Wall art must be ready for hanging.
  • All artwork must be labeled with title, artist’s name, mailing address, telephone number and email address, (if artist has one).
  • Artists may provide business cards for the public.

DELIVERY and PICKUP of Artwork & Exhibiting Fee

  • Delivery is Saturday September 23rd
  • 10:30 am. to 12 noon in the library program room.
  • A $15 exhibiting fee is payable when artwork is delivered. Fee is waived for students. Exact amount in cash or a cheque would be appreciated.
  • Pick up is Saturday October 7th 3- 4 pm. Artwork must not be removed before then.
  • If you are not able to drop off or pick up artwork at the designated times please find someone to do it for you. Let us know who that person will be.
  • LAC does not have adequate storage space and cannot be responsible for artwork not picked up at the appointed time.

Sale of Artwork

  • LAC levies a commission of 15% of sales.
  • Sold items remain on display until the end of the show (3 pm. Saturday October 7th).
  • Buyers fill in their name and phone number, the item they wish to purchase and place a red dot on the label. The artist will contact the buyer to arrange the sale. Commissions are due within one week of the show.


  • Deep River Public library carries contents insurance with $5000 deductible. The estimated value of the items is recorded in case it may become necessary to make a claim.
  • Additional coverage is the responsibility of the artist. Many home policies cover art work when it is on display. Check yours. We no longer have gallery sitters since a security camera system was installed.

Thank you for your interest in the LAC “ART 2017” exhibit and sale



4 Responses to ART 2017 – Information for Artists

  1. Glenda Mikawa says:

    Is there a theme for your show in Sept/Oct?

    • Hi Glenda,

      There isn’t a specific theme for this show.
      This is an annual multi media show to give artists an opportunity to show their work.
      The first was ART 2009.

  2. Susan Fraser says:

    When is the deadline?

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