Grand Opening 2015 Fall Exhibit


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Anniversaries tend to make us look back in time and so it has been a common theme in many of Deep River’s 70th anniversary events of twenty fifteen.

The 70th anniversary committee did a fine job encouraging many groups to plan special events to celebrate this milestone. They approached the Deep River Library Arts Committee (LAC) wondering if they had plans for a special show but unfortunately their schedule was full for the whole year.

But there was a very special art show after all presented by the newly formed Deep River Gallery committee (DRG). The location – where better than the town hall?  The GRAND opening of the Deep River Gallery happened Sunday November 1st with a reception from 3 to 5 pm. Bubbly and hors d’ oeuvres were served to the large crowd that attended.

So how did this come about? At various times LAC had the idea of exhibiting artwork in the town hall, but for many reasons the idea stayed on the back shelf. However, Mayor Joan was invited to a LAC meeting March 2015 and 40 minutes later the idea of a permanent art gallery in Deep River came off the shelf and onto the walls of the town hall.

Fast forward 7 months. At the opening reception the DRG unveiled its first show, an exceptional exhibit featuring the artwork of early Deep River artists; an appropriate show for the town’s 70th anniversary.

Where did that idea to exhibit the artwork of early artist come from? It happened during the ladies walking group coffee time at the Bean House when the question was put – anyone have any ideas for the first exhibit in the DRG? Charlotte thought a moment and answered “how about a show featuring work by early artists?”

Good idea, so who are they? A couple of names were suggested. Then the question came. “Where can we find their work?”  Answer “Well I have a Rena Purdy and I think I know someone with a Catherine de Grey painting” And so the path of discovery began.

One lead led to another and the artwork of over 30 artists were displayed in the gallery. The exhibit continued until the end of the year and was replaced with the Winter exhibit. Artists invited to participate were those who had exhibited in a “solo” or “partnered” show with the Library Arts Committee in the Deep River Library Program Room.

Artists whose work is exhibited include: Tom Alexander, Mary Lynn Benz, Jean Bigham, Barbara Blackstein, Sheila Fletcher, Susan Fraser, Eva Gallagher, Carol Grant, Ann Knowles, Laura Mayo, Anne Seck, Eileen Thurston, Catherine Timm, Shauna Torgerson, Cathy Walsh, Mary Unrau and Arden Okazaki

Many of the artworks are for sale. It is hoped that commissions from sales and donations made by visitors will assist with the purchase of much needed enhanced lighting.

The DRG has been established through the efforts of the not-for-profit volunteer group Library Arts Committee (LAC) and with the encouragement and support of Mayor Joan Lougheed and Council.

The gallery is open regular town hall office hours and also evenings when municipal meetings are scheduled for the town hall.