Canada 150 – Information For Artists

What is the Deep River Gallery?

The Deep River Gallery is a relatively new venue for showing and selling art on an ongoing basis in the public space of the Deep River Town Hall. It was set up on the invitation of the Town of Deep River and opened its doors for the first time on Sunday November 1st 2015 to celebrate Deep River’s 70th anniversary with an exhibit of early Deep River artists.

Hours of operation

The Deep River Gallery is open during town hall office hours and occasionally when other events such as council meetings are in progress.

Artists who are invited to apply

  • Any artist who has or does live in Canada   
  • Each artist will be allotted space for 1 – 3 items depending on size.
  • DRG and the town of Deep River reserve the right to reject work due to space limitations and subject matter. Exhibited items must be appropriate for unrestricted public viewing.

Preparation of artwork for exhibiting

  • Must be ready for hanging.
  • All items should be labeled with a title, the artist’s name and contact information and sales price.
  • Preferences will be made for new work.

Duration of Exhibit – artwork will be displayed nominally for 3 – 4 months and subject to negotiation with the DRG committee.

Delivery and pickup to be announced.

Opening will be no later than July 1, 2017

Pickup will be by arrangement with the DRG committee.

Art must not be removed without the approval of the DRG committee.

Sale of Art

  • Artists are encouraged to offer their work for sale.
  • Potential buyers will indicate their interest in buying by recording their contact info in the sales binder. Artists then contact buyer to arrange sales.
  • DRG levies a commission of 15% of sales.
  • If the artist has a buyer for a displayed artwork it will be marked with a red dot. Artwork may be sold to the buyer before the exhibit ends once the DRG is notified and appropriate replacement made.
  • Commissions are due within one week of sales.   


  • The Deep River Gallery and the Town of Deep River do not carry insurance for displayed art work and cannot accept responsibility for items lost, stolen or damaged.
  • Insurance coverage is the responsibility of the artist. Many home policies cover art work when it is on display. Check with your insurance provider.
  • Note that the public space in the Deep River Town Hall is open to the public during town hall business hours. The space is under video surveillance.


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