Art 2009

General General

Tom Alexander Mike Ajersch

Kay Audet Bill Beale

Mary Lyn Benz Joan Carlisle

Sara Carlisle close up of Sara’s jewellery

Don Beauprie Jeff Byers

Erroll Douglas Aliya Ebrahim

Denise Dimmick-Hart Marc and Laurence Chasse

Laurence Chasse Ewen Craig

Eva Gallagher Carol Grant

Jean McGilvray Beverly Levasseur

Boni Jaworski George Herman

Bitzy Couling Olivier Thiriet

Catherine Hildebrande Larrie Thomson

Morgan Meilleur Rosemary Nishimura

Alison Packer Charles Packer

Mike Milgram Yi Zang

Anne Seck Karlskirch Vienna, Aidrick and
Braden, and untitled by Shauna Torgerson

Haliburton # 1 Red Dash and Haliburton #
2 by Cathy Walsh
Colleen Payer

Bill Mellors Dale Torgerson